Kettunen Center

Kettunen Center welcome sign
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About Kettunen Center

Kettunen Center was a complete conference and retreat facility that provides place and space to support 4-H volunteer and youth development programming. Owned by the Michigan 4-H Foundation, Kettunen Center was a premier facility for the youth, volunteer and professional development needs of 4-H and many other non-profit and governmental organizations.

Kettunen Center annually hosted 250 conferences, including 50 4-H programming events. These events attracted more than 11,000 visitors to Kettunen Center each year. The facility offered overnight accommodations for up to 200 people, dining facilities and eleven meeting rooms with a number of additional informal indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. It was located on the shores of Center Lake in Tustin, Mich. and features 147 acres of forest, waterfront and wetlands.

  • Kettunen Center closed permanently July 1, 2020. Read more.
  • Kettunen Center update, Fall 2021. Read more.

Kettunen Center mission statement

Kettunen Center was a focal point for statewide 4-H leader training and development and serves as a learning center for many other groups. The center offered programs and services which reflect the values of 4-H and the center’s natural resources.

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