County 4-H Program Endowments

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County 4-H Program Endowments

An endowment is a fund that is held permanently. The corpus of the fund is invested and held intact, and the earning from the fund are used to support 4-H programs.

Named County 4-H Endowments

Donors who want to make a sustained investment in the county 4-H program where they were a 4-H member or volunteer, can do so with the creation of a named county endowment fund. The Michigan 4-H Foundation annually grants proceeds from county endowed funds to a county 4-H program to support 4-H youth participant fee scholarships; youth out-of-county event scholarships, 4-H youth recognition; 4-H volunteer training scholarships or simply to assist with the annual cost of program delivery in a county. Learn more about endowment basics.

Make the Match County 4-H Endowment Campaign

In 2013, the Michigan 4-H Foundation launched the Make the Match County 4-H Endowment Campaign to challenge local 4-H communities – 4-H clubs, alumni, volunteers, parents and friends – to make private investments through personal giving and community-based fundraising to create and/or grow county 4-H endowment funds. Learn more.


For more information about endowments, contact:

Amanda Masters,
Assistant Director of Development for 4-H
Phone: (517) 884-4691