Kettunen Center

Kettunen Center to close permanently July 1

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After nearly 60 years of welcoming the Michigan 4-H community for place-based experiential learning, Kettunen Center in Tustin, Mich. will close permanently on July 1, 2020.

The Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees, owner and operator of Kettunen Center in Tustin, Mich., has been exploring alternatives for use of the facility over the past few years and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the board’s decision-making process.

On May 28, the Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees made the heart-breaking decision to permanently close and sell Kettunen Center. All groups who have scheduled events or activities at Kettunen Center have received or will receive full refunds for payments and deposits made.

“Please know that this decision was not taken lightly,” said Sara Stuby, Michigan 4-H Foundation president. “Many of us have been attendees at the Kettunen Center for many years and we adore the facility and the memories made there. This fondness made it a very difficult decision for the board, however decisions cannot be made on emotions. Ultimately the Michigan 4-H Foundation board agreed selling the facility is in the best interest of the entire organization.”

Kettunen Center opened in 1961 as the first 4-H volunteer and youth training center in the nation and has impacted the lives of thousands of 4-H families across the state. The facility hosts about 10,000 guests each year, including about 800 4-H participants. However, 4-H programming has evolved and changed reducing the need for Michigan 4-H Foundation ownership of Kettunen Center.

“The Michigan 4-H Foundation remains committed to supporting Michigan 4-H Youth Development as they meet the needs of youth and volunteers in new and innovative ways across the state,” Stuby continued.

“On behalf of the Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees and Kettunen Center staff members, I would like to thank the many groups who have continued to gather, learn and grow at Kettunen Center for nearly six decades. We especially thank 4-H volunteers, staff, donors and stakeholders for your long-time support and dedication to Kettunen Center,” Stuby said.

About the Michigan 4-H Foundation

The Michigan 4-H Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fundraising organization based in East Lansing, Mich. Led by a board of trustees, the foundation solicits, manages, grants and stewards support from private individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations to support Michigan 4-H youth development programs.