4-H Learning Experience Sponsorship Request Form

Michigan 4-H Foundation
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Statewide 4-H Learning Experience
Sponsorship Request Form

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2021
Funds to be spent: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022


Each year, Michigan 4-H Youth Development Professionals host a number of statewide and national skill-building workshops and events to teach methods, share new ideas, and offer learning opportunities to 4-H youth and volunteers.

The Michigan 4-H Foundation has historically sponsored statewide workshops and learning experiences, reducing the cost for 4-H youth, volunteers and staff to attend. This discount (previously referred to as subsidy) is provided by the generous gifts from donors, endowment fund earnings and general fund support from the Michigan 4-H Foundation.


  • Sponsorship amounts may be adjusted annually based on need and available funds.
  • Event coordinators will need to request funding by filling out the brief online form below by June 1 of the prior year (ex. June 1, 2021 for the 2021-22 fiscal year).
  • Funds needs to be requested by June 1, ahead of the 2021-22 fiscal year that begins July 1, so that a budget may be set.
  • Knowing what programs are planning for the coming year will allow the Michigan 4-H Foundation to sustain existing and grow new youth and volunteer learning experiences.

This allows Michigan 4-H Foundation:

  • Time to adjust the sponsorship amount, if needed, before the program year begins.
  • Opportunity to identify a donor for a specific event being planned based on content area.

Note that donor gifts designated for a specific program or event will still be appropriated for the event to honor the donor’s intent.


  • Statewide or national 4-H youth and adult learning experiences, workshops and trainings are eligible to apply for the sponsorship. Statewide indicates registration for the 4-H event is open to participants from any county.
  • The 4-H event coordinator must complete the 4-H Learning Experience Sponsorship Request Form by June 1 of the prior fiscal year.
  • 4-H event coordinators should submit one funding application form for each educational learning experience.
  • Programs or events with a designated donor or sponsor are eligible to apply for additional funds.
  • Must be a multi-day event or experience.
  • Priority will be given to events that:
    • Engage diverse audiences.
    • Contribute toward one or more of the four priorities in the CYI Strategic Plan:
      • DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)
      • External Partnerships
      • Program Excellence
      • Scholarship Excellence


Please note: if a new 4-H learning opportunity surfaces after the June 1 deadline, please contact the state 4-H leader for discussion. We still wish to inspire new growth and innovation in 4-H opportunities offered to youth and do not want to limit new ideas that may emerge at any time.