4-H Emerald Clover Society

David D. Kugler

David Kugler

Class Year: 2016

County: Lapeer

Title: Founder & Owner, Critter Catchers, Inc. and Propestmen of Ohio, Inc.

“One of my early 4-H projects was to raise ring neck pheasants and to return them to the wild to help replenish the local population. The project started as a way to give back to the local community. Little did I know that all these experiences would help me develop my own career. Teamwork, leadership, and giving back to the community are three qualities that have a foundation in my 4-H experience. They are also qualities that are essential to being an entrepreneur.”

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Dave Kugler is the founder of Michigan Critter Catchers & Propestmen of Ohio. His professional wildlife control experience began in 1994 when he was a wildlife control technician while attending Oakland University to become a biologist. Afterwards, he received a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Wayne State University, he spent 15 years in the environmental, health and safety profession. His career spanned a variety of chemical and automotive companies such as PPG, Akzo Nobel, Magna, and Lear Corporation. The experience at a diverse number of organizations taught him a great deal about operating a successful business. It was not until midway through a career, that he finally found his true passion as an entrepreneur and formed his two businesses Critter Catchers, Inc. and Propestmen of Ohio, Inc.

Dave is one of the few Certified Wildlife Control Professionals (CWCP’s) in the state of Michigan. The certification demonstrates the highest level of competence in this industry through a peer review process through NWCOA. The accomplishment demonstrates a well-rounded background in wildlife biology & handling, technical methods, human health, safety and community relations. The two businesses have a track record of regularly giving back to the local community. This trait has a foundation that began in 4-H.