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The Michigan 4-H Foundation Campaign for Michigan 4-H’s Future concluded Dec. 31 with $13.3 million raised during the past seven years, making it the largest campaign in the foundation’s history. Read the full story.

Our goal was to raise $12.5 million by 2018.

With this support, we will sustain and increase 4-H’s ability and capacity to:

  • Build on the research of our university partners, to engage more youth in relevant and interesting ways today.
  • Grow and diversify our volunteer base.
  • Enhance program-delivery and lodging at our leadership training facilities at Kettunen Center to improve safety and child well-being.
  • Inspire more children as scientists through the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens.
  • Grow our county and state endowments to secure our capacity to serve Michigan’s young people for years to come.

To succeed, we need you!

More information:

To help young people find a caring adult in their life, Michigan State University Extension offers formal youth mentoring, and in the spring of 2015, Bay County 4-H Tech Wizards matched fourth grader Talon with his mentor, Tom. An avid animal lover who enjoys fishing, hiking, running and robotics, Tom was a perfect match for Talon, who enjoys the same hobbies.
Building capacity for 4-H volunteer development
Michigan 4-H volunteers will be recognized, trained and supported for their work with youth. Campaign Priority: 4-H Volunteer Development Campaign
Read more.
Preparing Michigan youth for future employment
Michigan youth will be work-ready and financially smart. Campaign Priority: 4-H Workforce Readiness and Financial Literacy Campaign Goal: $500,000 By
Read more.
Empowering healthy lifestyle choices for a healthier generation
Michigan youth will make healthy life choices. Campaign Priority: 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Campaign Goal: $500,000 Helping youth develop healthy habits
Read more.
Building science-ready youth
Michigan youth will be critical thinkers and problem solvers through science-based learning. Campaign Priority: 4-H Science Literacy Campaign Goal: $2 million
Read more.
Growing true leaders
Michigan youth are civically engaged as volunteers, decision makers and community leaders. Campaign Priority: 4-H Leadership and Civic Engagement Campaign
Read more.
Michigan 4-H makes a difference in postsecondary education enrollment
Michigan 4-H will double its capacity to serve Michigan youth for the next 100 years. Campaign Priority: 4-H Endowment Investment
Read more.
Michigan 4-H Children's Garden
Helping youth imagine and explore through the gardens
Youth will learn and know science through the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens. Campaign Priority: Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens Campaign Goal:
Read more.
Kettunen Center
Providing place and space for experiential learning
Kettunen Center will enhance educational and overnight experiences to enrich 4-H experiential learning. Campaign Priority: Kettunen Center Campaign Goal: $3
Read more.