Michigan 4-H Foundation

Campaign Update

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We are pleased to report that The Campaign for Michigan 4-H’s Future has surpassed the $8 million mark. As of Oct. 31, 2015, gifts and pledges total $8.15 million or 68 percent of the $12.5 million campaign goal.

A major component of the campaign has been to raise awareness and support of local 4-H programs through the Make the Match County 4-H Endowment Campaign. Many friends have said yes to sustain 4-H programs in their communities through investments to establish and grow county 4-H endowments.

In addition to support for local 4-H programs, The Campaign for Michigan 4-H’s Future has a $4.5 million goal for statewide 4-H program support for science literacy; healthy lifestyles; leadership and civic engagement; workforce readiness and financial literacy; and volunteer development.

4-H leadership and civic engagement (LCE) is at 63% of the $500,000 goal and has supported the New York Life Youth in Governance Project, 4-H Capitol Experience, international 4-H exchange programs, Michigan 4-H Youth Conservation Council, Operation Military Kids, the Monsanto Challenge and Ag Innovators experiences.

LCE programs provide young people with life-learning experiences to increase their ability to set goals, solve problems, make decisions, and enhance their written communication and public speaking skills.