Michigan 4-H Foundation

President’s Message to the Membership

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On behalf of the board of trustees, I’d like to thank each of you for your continued investment in Michigan 4-H.

To say the past 18 months has been a difficult, emotional time, might sound like a broken record. However, it is indeed a reality for many of us personally, as well as those of us who continue to volunteer our time and talent as Michigan 4-H Foundation trustees.

Michigan 4-H Foundation trustees are volunteers who oversee foundation operations and are community advocates for ongoing and increasing support for 4-H. We are charged with overseeing the activities of staff members with foundation responsibilities and working on committees developed to facilitate foundation operations.

As a nonprofit organization, the Michigan 4-H Foundation supports the mission and vision of Michigan 4-H Youth Development. It is private support from each of you that helps the foundation meet its mission to support Michigan youth for meaningful and productive lives. 4-H
Grows each year thanks to your continued investments and commitment to Michigan 4-H.

We appreciate those who were able to join us for the 69th Michigan 4-H Foundation Annual Membership Meeting on Oct. 1, our second annual meeting held virtually using the Zoom platform. For those unable to join, brief updates are included in the Fall 2021 Vantage newsletter. For more details, please refer to the 2021 Report to Membership available online.

On behalf of the board of trustees, thank you for all you do in support of 4-H.

Yours in 4-H,
Sheila Wade Kneeshaw, President
Michigan 4-H Foundation