MFB 4-H Excellence in Agriculture Awards

MFB 4-H Excellence in Agriculture Awards

Diane Cole

Class Year: 2009-10

County: Oceana

“There have been many rewards as a 4-H leader, but I would have to say the greatest is watching the young ones in my club grow into very bright promising adults. First as teens as they begin to spread their wings, then onto adulthood with families of their own.”

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Diane Cole has been building a 4-H program that has been enriching lives and impacting the community since 1987. Diane and her husband Kip have established the 4-H Goat Quiz Bowl Team and she has coached her senior team to first place for the past 15 years. She has shared her expertise with youth by teaching the importance of excellent care and thoughtful attention to breed the best milking goats. Additionally, she helps prepare shy and uniformed 4-H members for her Goat Quiz Bowl Team by creating practice questions and building confidence. She is a dedicated leader always willing to assist members with their 4-H projects day and night. Not only is Diane a wealth of knowledge, but she has been a positive role model and volunteer for the community for over 20 years.