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McQuestions honor Rose Lockhart

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Rose Lockhart

D.J. McQuestion & Sons made a special gift in honor of Rose Lockhart (pictured above), Kettunen Center’s long-time food service manager who retired in December 2016.

This past year, D.J. McQuestion & Sons made a special gift in honor of Rose Lockhart, Kettunen Center’s long-time food service manager.

D.J. McQuestion & Sons, of LeRoy, has been a regular supporter of Kettunen Center’s Breakfast with Santa event for nearly two decades.

Specializing in a variety of construction projects, D.J. McQuestion and Sons strive to help their community by giving to organizations that support their community’s development and provide employment to the area’s residents.

“The McQuestions are supportive of the Kettunen Center community and wanted their donation to benefit the dining room or kitchen because of Rose’s longstanding time with that particular part of the Kettunen Center,” said Chris Gentry, Kettunen Center director.

D.J. McQuestion & Sons’ donation replaced 175 chairs and furnished 200 new chairs for the dining area and the Red Oak room. The gift will allow many Kettunen Center visitors to be comfortable during their meals and meetings for years to come.

Lockhart served as food service manager from 1996 until she retired in December 2016 to pursue her own catering business. She was an integral part of every visitor’s experience at the Kettunen Center because of her devotion to not only making good food, but encouraging a positive dining atmosphere.

“For long-time visitors to the Kettunen Center, the news of the retirement of Rose Lockhart, who has expertly managed dining services for Kettunen Center for 20 years, was bittersweet,” Gentry said. “She established a standard of hospitality and food services that visitors will long remember.

“Rose is very a conscientious person and very guest-focused. Kettunen Center’s whole dining room experience was enhanced because she made people feel welcome and she enjoyed interacting with guests. Quite simply, she made people feel at home,” Gentry said.

Many recognize Rose as a cornerstone of Kettunen Center because of her involvement not only in the Kettunen Center but also in the community, where she is active in her church’s food service needs. She left a legacy at the Kettunen Center that will continue to be honored in many ways, including the chairs, thanks to D.J. McQuestion & Sons’ gift.