4-H Facility Endowments

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4-H Facility Endowments

An endowment is a fund that is held permanently. The corpus of the fund is invested and held intact, and the earning from the fund are used to support 4-H programs.

Donors can make an investment that helps keep Kettunen Center or the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens in premium shape for Michigan 4-H Youth Development programming. Learn more about endowment basics.

  • Kettunen Center is the foundation’s volunteer training facility in Tustin, Mich. Endowed support for the center helps maintain the grounds, wetlands and facilities that have made Kettunen Center the natural place for Michigan 4 H Youth Development programming.
  • Endowments that support the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens on the campus of Michigan State University provide annual and long-term garden renewal and design and help keep the garden’s play and learning structures well-maintained for visitors’ enjoyment each year.

Help grow these existing 4-H facility endowments:

  • The Kettunen Center Caretakers Society
    Become a member of the Kettunen Center Caretakers Society with a gift of $5,000 to grow the Kettunen Center Endowment Fund. Your gift ensures the long-term viability of Kettunen Center facilities and grounds to support the learning and growth of 4-H volunteers and the young people they serve. Download a gift form or donate online now.
  • Perennial Society of the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens
    Help grow the endowment that supports the annual planting, programming and operational needs of  the Michigan 4-H Children’s Gardens with your gift of $5,000 or more. Donors to the Perennial Society help keep the gardens growing and providing the best learning environments possible year after year. Download a gift form or donate online now.

For more information about Michigan 4-H Foundation endowments, email info@mi4hfdn.org or call 517-353.6692.