4-H Citation Award

Noel and Sandra Stuckman

Noel and Sandra Stuckman

Class Year: 2016

County: Clinton

Title: Leadership 10, The Campaign for Michigan 4-H's Future

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Sandra Clarkson Stuckman made her first gift to support Michigan 4-H in 1978, long before she became and served as state 4-H leader from 1991 to 1998. Noel Stuckman made his first gift to support Michigan 4-H in 1994. It’s difficult for us to know if Noel’s initial support came as a result of his growing love for Sandy, but we do know that together they have a built a strong partnership of philanthropy to support Michigan 4-H Youth Development Programs that has lasted a combined 38 years. This Citation Award Nomination is in celebration of their combined commitment of support for 4-H and the work we do for and with Michigan’s young people.

Noel and Sandy’s 4-H support partnership probably began with the Vision 2021 campaign for Kettunen Center where they both made leadership gifts that supported the needed renovations of the conference center facilities. Together they have grown the endowment fund established first to honor Sandy’s retirement from service as state 4-H leader and MSU Extension regional director. Today, this fund annually helps support leadership training scholarships for youth and their adult partners where they can learn to strengthen youth skills and talents in communication, community service, leadership and positive peer and adult relationships.

In 2014, Noel and Sandy joined 9 other couples who as leadership supporters agreed to also serve as public advocates for the Campaign for Michigan 4-H’s Future.  As members of the 4-H Leadership 10, they helped to engage other 4-H retirees in contributing more than $200,000 to grow the county 4-H endowment match pool.

They have opened critical doors of support to help build the Clinton County 4-H Endowment. They have also served as advocates that have opened new doors of support for Michigan 4-H statewide programs as well.

In these and so many other ways, they show that Michigan 4-H is a priority for both their advocacy and their personal support. Noel and Sandy have invested personal time, wealth and resources to ensuring that Michigan 4-H is well positioned to continue to help Michigan’s young people learn, grow and succeed.