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Each year, the Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees approves the distribution of competitive grant funds to encourage development of innovative 4-H opportunities in local communities. For the 2018-19 program year, 4-H mini grants were awarded in the following grant categories.

Michigan 4-H Legacy Grants
Michigan 4-H Legacy Grants, funded by the Michigan 4-H Legacy Fund Endowment, encourage creativity and support the implementation of great ideas that promote positive youth development in communities.

  • The West Michigan Home and Garden Show 4-H Children’s Program in Kent County received a $1,000 grant to educate more than 500 urban youth about current environmental issues. The grant will help the program incorporate a one-day field trip, interactive technology and hands-on activities in the classroom.
  • The Artnership Program in Lenawee County also received a $1,000 grant to support a schoolwide peer mentoring program. Activities will be designed for the peers and will focus on team building, communication, leadership, self-esteem and other necessary life skills. The goal of this program is to help the student population understand social cues, work together as a team and communicate productively with others.

4-H Educational Garden Grants
Two 4-H Educational Garden Grants were funded by the Albert A. Albright Endowment for 4-H Plant Science and Gardening Education.

  • Iron County’s 4-H, School and Community Garden Project received a $1,000 grant to build a garden that will be cared for by community members, 4-H youth and students from the local school district. The intergenerational communication that will be the result of this garden will increase inquiry-based learning and will strengthen community relationships.
  • Wayne County’s Prince Hall 4-H Community Garden Project also received a garden grant to expand the current community garden outside the Prince Hall Apartment community, a home to many low-income families and senior citizens in Detroit. The youth participants will gain a greater understanding of community involvement as it relates to sustainable living and environmental awareness as well as become junior master gardeners.

Collins 4-H Youth Horticulture Grant
The Collins 4-H Youth Horticulture Grant is funded by the William J. and Ruth D. Collins Endowment Fund to advance local 4-H club work in plant science and horticulture activities.

  • Wayne County’s Savage Spring Surprise Project received a $350 grant to create a butterfly garden in memory of a former student. The grant will help fund a 4-H SPIN club to introduce gardening and horticulture to incoming elementary students. The youth will have the opportunity to prepare the garden beds, dig holes and plant bulbs.

4-H On-Target Grants
Two On-Target county grants were funded by the Thomas H. Cobb Shooting Sports Fund to help enhance county 4-H shooting sports programs.

  • Missaukee 4-H Bullseye Outdoors in Missaukee County was granted one of the $500 grants to help purchase a gun safe for their established gun collection, which is currently stored in a built-in locking cabinet. This purchase will help youth understand gun safety, proper handling, use and maintenance of firearms while promoting the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior.
  • Also receiving an On-Target grant is Pingree 4-H Archers in Wayne County to instruct youth in the Pingree 4-H Archers club on archery practices. Youth within the club will be able to practice archery two times a month and compete in the archery shooting event at the Wayne County Fair. Along with increasing archery skills, the grant will help youth learn about self-control and patience.

4-H Participant Scholarship Grants
The Michigan 4-H Foundation also awarded $5,000 in 4-H Participant Scholarship Grants across 4-H programs in 15 counties: Alcona, Barry, Benzie, Gratiot, Isabella, Kent, Macomb, Manistee, Mecosta, Missaukee, Ogemaw, Shiawassee, Van Buren, Washtenaw and Wayne. These grants provide scholarship support for youth who are unable to pay the county 4-H youth participant fee. The 4-H Participant Scholarship Grants are made possible by gifts to the Michigan 4-H Participant Fee Sponsorship Fund.

The 4-H mini-grant application period will open April 1, 2019. Learn more about the 4-H  mini grant details and how to apply.