4-H Salute to Excellence Awards

Franklin D. Ezop

Franklin D. Ezop

Class Year: 2009

County: Saginaw

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Frank Ezop has been a Saginaw County 4-H volunteer of the Frankemuth Pacesetters 4-H Club for over 40 years. Ezop was an industrial arts teacher and was willing to share his knowledge with youth leading projects such as woodworking, leather craft, challenge, shooting sports, overnight camping and international exchanges. He helped with the club’s community service projects including the 4-H Adopt-a-Highway and the 4-H Cass Riverbank beautification project. Ezop has also served in leadership positions within the former Saginaw County 4-H Council and was the first president of the newly formed Saginaw County 4-H Leader’s Advisory Board. He has chaperoned youth on trips to Poland, Washington, D.C., Kettunen Center, 4-H Exploration Days, National 4-H Congress and the North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Forum. Additionally, he has been an instructor at both 4-H Exploration Days and Kettunen Center workshops and served on both the 1998 and 2010 North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Forum planning committees. Ezop has served as a 4-H volunteer long past the time when his own children were involved, which shows an extreme dedication to not only the 4-H program, but also to youth. His dedication to building future leaders is a testament to his character and his commitment to 4-H.