4-H Emerald Clover Society

Amondo D. Redmond

Class Year: 2002

County: Genesee

Title: Assistant to the Director, Corporate Affairs, Sony Music Corporation of America

“Being a part of 4-H has truly changed my view of what life’s purpose is. As a teenager, I often dreamed of being an attorney, more specifically, a DA (district attorney). However, through my involvement in the Genesee County 4-H, I have geared my life in the avenue of civil rights, a field that would not only satisfy my need as an attorney, but my need to make a difference. I can attribute that change to 4-H!”

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Recent MSU marketing graduate Amondo Redmond is just beginning his professional career with Sony Music Corporation of America, but he has already accumulated a number of accolades for his service as a youth growing up in Flint and as an MSU student. Redmond was chosen as one of five college student advisors to President Clinton on issues important to that population. His leadership was first recognized as a 4-H’er when he distinguished himself as a member of the Genesee County Youth Leadership Corps and founded the Flint Violence Prevention Coalition. He was also the youngest member of the local United Way Board. As a college student Redmond was among five top winners of React magazine’s “Take Action Award” in 1998, which included a $20,000 scholarship for his efforts to distribute toys and food to Flint families in need. He served as student chairman for the MSU All-University Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration and was given the All-University Excellence in Diversity Award for emerging progress in 2002. His honors have included the MSU Chuck Kaplan Memorial Award, the MSU Peer Recognition Award and the national Caring Institute Award in 1997.