GreenStone & Stubys receive highest Michigan 4-H honor

4-H Citation Award
4-H Citation Award

GreenStone Farm Credit Services, headquartered in East Lansing, and Dale and Sara Stuby, of Centreville, have been honored with the prestigious Michigan 4 H Citation Award. The award was presented on Oct. 5 during the Michigan 4-H Foundation’s 4-H Emerald Awards Ceremony in East Lansing.

Two Michigan 4-H Citation Awards are given each year. They honor individuals and organizations whose multicounty, regional, state, or national contributions and support have significantly advanced the work of Michigan State University Extension’s 4-H Youth Development. The contributions of honorees have expanded the capacity of Michigan 4-H to affect the lives of Michigan young people in positive, significant and meaningful ways. This award, given since 1946, is the highest recognition bestowed by Michigan 4-H Youth Development and is presented with support from the Michigan 4-H Foundation.

GreenStone Farm Credit Services has been a partner with Michigan 4-H Youth Development for more than three decades. The organization has been a loyal supporter of 4-H livestock and veterinary science programs for many years, consistently sponsoring the 4-H Beef, Sheep and Swine and the 4-H Veterinary Science workshops at Kettunen Center. The company has also provided annual recognition for 4-H volunteers across the state with its support of the 4-H Award of the Clover. In addition, GreenStone is a strong partner and advocate of county 4-H programs, often as an active supporter of 4-H livestock auctions at county fairs.

GreenStone also shows its commitment to 4-H with representation on the Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees. The advocacy of GreenStone Farm Credit Services helps build 4-H support across rural communities and among industry leaders.

Dale and Sara (“Sally”) Stuby’s strong partnership of philanthropy in support of Michigan 4-H has lasted several decades. As 4-H alumni, parents and volunteer leaders, Dale and Sally are truly committed to Michigan 4-H, having experienced firsthand the program’s benefits many times over.

In 2014, Dale and Sally joined nine other couples as part of the 4-H Leadership 10. This group of leadership supporters serve as public advocates for the Campaign for Michigan 4-H’s Future. As members, the Stubys have encouraged others to help build the county 4-H endowment match pool. They helped lead the St. Joseph County 4-H Endowment campaign, garnering local support to help build this perpetual fund, and have been recognized as Michigan 4-H Foundation Cornerstone Society members for their lifetime giving to 4-H. Additionally, they have each served as activists for 4-H, helping to open new doors of support for statewide 4-H programs.

Beyond their philanthropic support, the Stubys’ ties to 4-H are long and deep. Sally retired from MSU Extension in 2008 as the southwest regional director. She is the incoming Michigan 4-H Foundation president and has served as a foundation trustee since 2009. Sally is a St. Joseph County 4-H alumnus, a 4-H Emerald Clover Society member and a longtime 4-H volunteer. Her 4-H service includes 14 years as volunteer leader of the Rolling Clovers 4-H Club, eight years on the State 4-H International Exchange Committee, 15 years of coleadership in the St. Joseph County 4-H veterinary and animal science program and 10 years as the St. Joseph County Fair 4-H sheep superintendent. She is also vice-president of the Centreville FFA Alumni Association, serves on various advisory councils, and coaches 4-H/FFA livestock and meat evaluation teams for state and national competitions. Together Sally and Dale co-own and operate a 1,000-acre crop farm in Constantine.

Dale is known for conducting cooperative on-farm research with MSU and for providing internships and mentoring young agricultural students. He has served on the Constantine Cooperative Board of Directors, the Michiana Irrigation Association, the Centreville Public Schools Alumni Association and the FFA Alumni Association. Dale is also a 25-year supporter of the St. Joseph County 4-H Livestock Auction.

In these and so many other ways, the Stubys show that Michigan 4-H is a priority for both their advocacy and their personal support. As is evident in their long 4-H portfolios, Sally and Dale Stuby have invested personal time, wealth and resources to ensuring that Michigan 4‑H is well-positioned to continue to help Michigan’s young people learn, grow and succeed. The 4-H Citation Award is a celebration of their combined commitment to and support for 4-H and the work 4-H does for and with Michigan’s young people.


The 4-H Emerald Awards Ceremony was hosted and emceed by State. Sen. Judy Emmons, a Montcalm County 4-H alumna and 2014 4-H Emerald Clover Society inductee.

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