4-H Participant Scholarship

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4-H Participant Scholarship Grants

Deadline to apply: June 1

These grants provide scholarship support for youth who are unable to pay the 4-H youth participant fee. The grants are suggested for support to develop new 4-H clubs in high need communities or existing 4-H clubs with emergent or new need that makes it no longer possible for them to pay the 4-H participation fee.

Each county can apply for grants starting at $100 minimally for five 4-H participation fee scholarships and not to exceed $500 for 25 4-H participation fee scholarships. Scholarship grants will be awarded until the total $5,000 funding for the year is expended.

The 4-H Participant Scholarship Grant Program is made possible by annual gifts from individuals to the Michigan 4-H Foundation 4-H Participation Fee Scholarship Fund.


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Application Guidelines

The 4-H Participant Scholarship Program is a non-renewable grant opportunity designed to provide 4-H participant scholarship support to individuals and families where the 4-H participant fee can be a barrier to 4-H participation. Current 4-H populations with new and/or emergent need as well as new youth members/families are eligible for the scholarship grant.

It is expected that the training and engagement of 4-H volunteers and youth and parent 4-H orientation include strong encouragement for their participation in local fundraising opportunities or other means to support the annual $20 4-H youth participant fee if individual family payment is not possible. In order to be sustainable, all counties are expected to explore local opportunities for supporting their ongoing youth 4-H participation fees prior to applying for a grant from the Michigan 4-H Foundation.

Restrictions and Reminders

Civil Rights Compliance Statement for Grant Recipients
The Michigan 4-H Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) corporation, is organized to support Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development programs, and as such, requires that all foundation grantees submit a signed statement of non-discrimination before receiving Michigan 4-H Foundation grant funds and/or using the services and/or collaborating with the foundation to deliver 4-H supported programs

Grant Application Deadline is June 1

All counties wishing to apply for 4-H Participation Fee Scholarship grants must submit a completed application to the Michigan 4-H Foundation no later than June 1. This application will be for scholarships to cover participation fees for youth who were enrolled in the county 4-H program during the current 4-H program year (for example, the 2018 grant is for the 4-H program year 2017-18).

Michigan 4-H Foundation Participant Scholarship Grant FAQs:

Who can apply for a Michigan 4-H Foundation participation fee grant?
Michigan State University Extension educators and program coordinators who work with county 4-H youth development programming.

What can the money be used for?
The 4-H Participant Scholarship Grant funds may only be used to support individual youth 4-H participation fees. Once awarded, grant checks will be cut by the Michigan 4-H Foundation and distributed to the State 4-H Office for deposit into county 4-H participation fee accounts for use in payment of their county’s annual youth participation fees.

How can we apply for a Michigan 4-H Foundation Grant?
Complete the application and return it to the Michigan 4-H Foundation by June 1. Please note that to be eligible for review, all applications must be signed by the county 4-H program coordinator and the MSU Extension supervising educator.

How are county innovative grant applications reviewed?
County grants are reviewed by a team that includes state and county 4-H staff members and members of the Michigan 4-H Foundation board of trustees program committee. Applications for content specific grants include review by MSU Extension faculty and staff with expertise in the specific program or project area. Reviewers rate grants based on a standardized criteria review sheet and awards are made to the applications with the highest total points.

When will we be notified that we will receive a grant?
If you are chosen to receive this grant, you will be notified by August 1. At that time, you will also receive a grant report form to complete regarding how youth in your community benefited from this scholarship support. Some grantees may be asked to present the results of their program to the Michigan 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees.

How will we obtain the money if we are chosen to receive a grant?
Once your proposal has been approved, grant payment will be paid to the State 4-H Office for support of your county 4-H program enrollments. The goal is to have these funds disbursed prior to the State 4-H Office deadline for state 4-H youth enrollment reporting on November 1.

For more information, contact:
Michigan 4-H Foundation
Phone:(517) 353-6692
E-mail: info@mi4hfdtn.org