4-H Participant Scholarships

Michigan 4-H Foundation
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  • 1. Amount of Scholarship Grant Needed?

    Applicants can apply for amounts from $100 (minimum 10 individual youth) to $500 (maximum 50 individual youth). Scholarships can be for individuals or families with four or more children enrolled in the program.
  • ($10 per individual or $30 per family with four or more children in the program)
  • families who have four or more children enrolled in the county 4-H program during the 2015-16 program year.
  • 2. Describe your efforts at the club and county level to generate funds for the individuals/families you are requesting scholarship funds for:

  • 3. Describe the type of 4-H opportunities youth receiving participation fee scholarship will be involved in?

  • (e.g. list 4-H club or group name, content focus of youths’ participation, etc.)